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Working Dogo Giveaway!

We understand the importance of acknowledging one of the most significant aspect of the Dogo Argentino, and that is to hunt. So in honor of the Martinez brothers, we are setting out to find a company or organization that can put one of our Dogo Argentino puppies to work free of charge, and if succeful, will be eligible for more! Unfortunately, we are only looking for a professional organization and/or business geared towards the extermination/removal of feral hogs, and they must be able to train a puppy in the art of tracking and hunting.

Hunters must fill out the Martinez Brothers Working Dogo Argentino Giveaway Application. This will help us determine which will be the best suited atmosphere for the puppies! Winner wil be anounced in December 2013 and our pup will shipped in time for the holidays to begin its training.  Good Luck and Happy Huntings!!